Saturday, 5 December 2009

A Christmas Tree Made from Used Plastic Bottles in Paris

Fabrice Peltier's Used Plastic Bottles Christmas Tree 1Fabrice Peltier's Used Plastic Bottles Christmas Tree 2

Pictures by Charles Platiau/Reuters.

A Christmas tree made from used plastic bottles by designer Fabrice Peltier, Founder of DESIGNPACK GALLERY decorates a square in Paris starting on Thursday, 3 December 2oo9 and would last until 15 January 2010. Four trees over 12-feet high, are lit by LED lights arranged around the fountain.
Fabrice Peltier's Used Plastic Bottles Christmas Tree 3
Picture by Charles Platiau/Reuters.

Fabrice Peltier's Recycleart
Fabrice Peltier's Recycleart.

Le Recyclage Idea 1 by DesignPack GalleryLe Recyclage Idea 2 by DesignPack Gallery
The event proposal taken from DesignPack Gallery.

a+. designpack gallery
a+. p-reference via csmonitor via planetark


swamdesign said...

hello, long time no see, LCL :)
Green Christmas tree Design:) my hometown also got during last christmas.

L said...

haha...mia...njoy christmas in your hometown!

Jay Sean Down said...

Very amazing christmas tree

L said...


Victor Monserrate said...

Campana brother's did something like this for the Guggenheim's Peter and the Wolf presentation about year ago. Cool concept!