Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Newspaper Wood by Mieke Meijer + Vij5

A reversing of a traditional production process; not from wood to paper, but the other way around.

The Newspaper Wood is a collaboration between 2 Netherlands designers, Mieke Meijer of Mieke dingen and Vij5, the designlabel that was started by Arjan van Raashooven & Anieke Branderhorst. Mieke Meijer came up with the idea to use piles of discarded daily newspaper making it into a renewed material. The layer of paper appear like lines of a wood grain and the rings of a tree just like a real wood when the Newspaper Wood is cut. It can be cut, milled and sanded and generally treated like other type of wood.

The designers:
Mieke Meijer

Designer of Mieke dingen, which she produces on a small scale in her own workshop.

Sustainability, utility and beauty are the guiding principles that define Mieke dingen. Mieke dingen matches the needs of the consumer long term and fit well into their environment. Mieke dingen objects therefore keep their value. Their timeless design, their subtly light-hearted character and their distinct functionality create a bond between people and the objects.

Flexibility is the key to the choice of basic principles for Mieke dingen: whether it is materials, everyday situations or certain specific techniques. By developing a well-conceived idea and sticking to it, Mieke dingen objects have a distinctive and very recognisable signature. 
(Mieke studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven.)

Vij5 (Arjan van Raadshooven & Anieke Branderhorst)

Both have totally different characters, resulting in a ‘perfect symbiosis’.

They started designlabel Vij5 directly after they both graduated in 2006. Since they work on their product collection together, their interaction seems even stronger. In fact it became one of the basic principles of Vij5, visible in the growing amount of collaborations with other young designers. 

“We enjoy different visions at situations. But not until we both agree, a product is finished and approved.”

(Anieke studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and Arjan studied Architecture at the Technical University.)

a+.  mieke meijer   via   vij5


Andrew Sutherland said...

My name is Andrew Sutherland, I'm a NY artist and have been doing this EXACT process for four years. I have exhibited these pieces in various galleries and art fairs and have had press and been blogged about extensively. I find it very hard to believe that this designer didn't get his idea from mine considering the exposure I've had, and I intend to contact him to ask him to stop. Here are two of many examples of my work with this concept.



L said...

Hi2! I just do not know what to say...'I am so sorry', is perhaps the only thing that i can offer to both of u. I came across this Newspaper Wood through Vij5 and had no intention in causing any awkward situation to anyone. The process, material & even the product itself no doubt are marvelous invention that represent good recycling intention.

Anonymous said...

Is Vij5's use as "art" or as a practical material? If the former, then Andrew might have a legitimate complaint. If the latter, then Andrew should be kicking himself for not protecting his potential IP from competitors, and should STFU about "asking him to stop."

As far as exposure... you might have got some press in your little NYC art world, but there are more than 6 billion people that don't give a rat's behind about that little echo chamber.

L said...

actually, I DO NOT LIKE HARSH WORDS on my site or the use of 'anonymous' on expressing comment BUT I do appreciate your point here. thank you!

Anonymous said...

So, as one anonymous to another:

If you, Mr. Anonymous 23:46 (for short), standing by the water cooler with a smug look on your face, consider the NYC art world a "little echo chamber" that no one cares about, then why would you feel the world of two Netherlands designers is any more important and worth hearing about more than someone who did this technique to much more fanfare several years earlier? Who's to assume the 6 billion people you talk about might like to see who did it first, and far more interestingly with various colors and knots in the paper-wood, no less?

No, you're out of line speaking for those 6 billion people. I can confidently say that.

Hunty said...

Andrew, if these two designers in the Netherlands actually did draw inspiration from your NYC art exhibit, and especially if this newspaper wood catches on as a feasible building material, then congratulations on realizing the dream of every artist to inspire social change with your work.

If you honestly intend to sue someone to stop being inspired by your work, however, then I suggest you examine exactly what your motivations are for creating art in the first place.

Dennis said...

According to http://www.miekedingen.nl/en/portfolio/product/ that project dates from 2004, which is more than four years ago.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Now THIS is funny.
And suddenly Andrew realizes that it IS possible to get the same idea without copying.
Or he has to question himself how he got his idea two years after vij5 got theirs.

sp23hagbard5 said...