Friday, 16 April 2010

"Dandelion" Wearable Wind Power

Vimeo: Dandelion by Mary Huang.

Oh, this would definitely look so cute on a child! They would certainly love all the swirling and blinking above their head .') (check out the video above.)

Dandelion, designed by Mary Huang in collaboration with Jennyfer Kay is a wearable that captures energy from wind and human movement. Inspired by the theme of climate change, Dandelion which was made with 99% salvaged materials explores the ideas of personal, mobile power generation and kinetics.

'When walking or standing outside on a windy day, the windmills turn. Small individual power generating circuits transfer the rotational energy into usable voltage. In this prototype, the power generated turns on white LEDs, but the energy could be used to power mobile devices or stored for later use. '
- Mary Huang, Rhyme and Reason Creative.
The windmill circuit consists of a dc motor + joule thief + white LEDs.

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