Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Designer Toys' Wish-list from Smallable

Below are toys that I love and would like to have from Smallable :)

Pull along Dog by Plan Toys.

This adorable little white puppy with black spots will quickly become your little one's buddy (my own buddy too!). Children can bring him along everywhere by pulling him behind, and make him sit down like a real dog when they are tired !

Suitable for 18 months and above.
Price: $28.04.

Rocking Sheep by Danish Crafts.

The classical rocking horse now gives way to the mythical rocking sheep. Carved in wood by hand, and in genuine lambswool, the rocking sheep is a concentrate of love, gentleness and authenticity. SMALLable loves this beautiful sheep, super soft, that we want to adopt immediately. There is no more "huuu dada", from now on long live the "bééehhh"! It is certain, you will love it...
Little piece of information: Each sheep is a unique piece. Therefore the length of the wool may vary from one model to another.

Price: $448.59

Black Rocking Rabbit by Playsam.

Even better than the horse, the rocking rabbit is guaranteed to win the race. Large leather ears, aerodynamic shapes and lacquered surface. Seriously good looking for your kids and your interior alike! 

Suitable for 18 months and above.
Price: $194.85

Lacing Sheep by Plan Toys.

Here is a fun game for the little ones. A pretty wooden sheep to assemble: to take it apart, you pull on its tail, and slip each ring onto the corresponding wooden marble to put this adorable sheep back together. This toy by Plan Toys is perfect for having fun while stimulating memory, coordination and for learning colors.

Suitable for 3 years and up.
Price: $28.04.

Enzo Wooden Animals by Momoll.

A lama, a crocodile, a deer, a camel, an elephant, a moose, here are six fun animals. Have fun assembling them, switching legs, horns, ears… you will end up with a dear-head crocodile or a lama with moose horns! Made in chestnut plywood and in respect of European standards, Momoll animals are built to resist children’s little teeth.

Price: $63.08

Gary Robot by Our Children's Gorilla.

Gary is a robot with a wooden body and rope hands and feet. It is entirely handmade in green materials. Gary will be passed on to generation after generation, and every bump and cut will tell a story.

Price: $119.16

Classic Series Bike by Early Rider.

Introducing the Classic, the essential of Early Rider learner bikes! With its low center of gravity, it’s the most stable and easiest to maneuver. A two-wheeler entirely made in resistant birch wood, removable and washable imitation leather with adjustable height (32-39,5 cm), tuning cycle to set (37-42 cm), adjustable steering wheel (53-57,5 cm), real tires (32 cm diameter front/ 35,5 diameter back), ball-bearing, aluminum rims and especially side flaming: you may admire… Perfect design and ergonomics for this mountain bike your child will learn how to balance with confidence, without age being a barrier. We will have warned you, you won’t be able to stop your little biker!

Suitable from 24 months to 5 years.
The Early Rider range of bikes surpasses European EN71 standards for toys designated to children under the age of 3 years.
Price: $231.30

Max Carrier by Sirch.

All on board with Max! All round, all smooth, fun and beautiful ride on toy car. On the lower deck, there's plenty of room for your teddies, but if they don't all fit, you can add on the Lorette trailer by Sirch. A pure minimalist design, associated with the sobriety of wooden toys. 

Suitable for 2 years and above.
Price: $142.99

Voiture de sport C9-R by Automoblox.

Callelo has designed the red and black C9-R Turbo Sports car, veritable high-powered car, which comes apart and can be rebuilt endlessly with all its pieces and the ones that constitute the other Automoblox cars. Wheels, tyres, roofs, front module, back module, all are interchangeable so kids can create their own cars.

Suitable for 3 years and above.
Price: $54.67

Red Bus by Playsam.

A contemporary and streamlined little rocket. The shapes are aerodynamic so the little ones can get a better grip. The four characters are interchangeable.

Suitable for 3 years and above.
Price: $60.28

Saab Roadster by Playsam.

Like daddy, my car does vroom-vroom, bip-bip, it's a beauty and I take care of it, it's fast but it doesn't break the speed limit... Only mine is seriously eco!
The Saab roadster will make all the dads green with envy with its streamlined design, its retro style its aerodynamic lines and lacquered body. Seriously good looking for your kids and your interior alike!

Price: $419.15

Oldtimer Car by Playsam.

Little rocket with a retro Formula 1 look. A contemporary and streamlined design. The shapes are aerodynamic so the little ones can get a better grip.

Suitable for 3 years and above.
Price: $81.31

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