Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Fiela feather arc light

Fiela feather arc light

The beautiful soft white feathers that looks like protecting the spherical diffuser are from Oudtshoorn, South Africa, an ostrict farming district.
The light is named after Dalene Mathee book, "Fiela se Kind", written originally in Afrikaans & later translated into not only English (Fiela's Child") but other languages too.
Words from the designer:
"The Fiela Feather Arc Light has been designed to bring light & angelic ambience to exactly where you need it most- the center of your social dining and living room space"-Haldane Martin.
Like the climax of the story where the child finally being able to choose to return to his adopted family, Fiela Light would be a warm focus point in a space itself.

Feature project using Fiela Light:

Fiela feather arc light in House Fresnaye
House Fresnaye. Cape Town, 2oo7. Interior design by Haldane Martin & Epoxy Jane.

Fiela feather arc light in PhakalanePhakalane. Cape Town, 2oo8. Architect Mano Calos & interior designer Claudia Rauber.

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