Thursday, 29 May 2008

Lap pool house-Simple Stunning Architecture o2

Shaw House,lap pool Forgive me for calling it a Lap Pool House, but from this point of view, wouldn't u too have the urge to jump into the pool? (captivating moment by Benjamin Benschneider)
Shaw House by Patkau Architects, is an award winning design from American Institute of Architects National Honor Award 2oo5, Governor General’s Medal 2oo4 & Record House Selection 2002.
Built on a narrow 1o metres wide & 47 deep waterfront properties, because of setback requirements, the architect was left with only 8 metres wide space with the consideration of living areas, bedroom, study, music room, and a lap pool for a single individual. The pool was built above grade along with other private areas, bedroom & study. Living spaces on grade & music room was built below grade. "Small spaces are enlarged with generous ceiling heights, while the fully interiorized dining room rises through the floor above to a clerestory that brings both daylight and light reflected from the lap pool deep into the central area of the plan."-Patkau Architects
Shaw House, view & lap poolOn the left: the site looking across English Bay to the North Shore mountains which dominate the skyline of Vancouver.
Right: the pool.

Shaw House, living spaces
On grade living spaces of seating lounge & rised dining area etc.

Shaw House, staircase from music room & glass railings for private areas Staircase from music room view towards staircase leading to private areas.

a+. Benjamin Benschneider Photography
a+. Patkau Architects


Anonymous said...

Impressive and dynamic spaces on an "tight site",kudos to the architect.

L said...

yes, well done to the architect! .'>

L said...
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Anonymous said...

evokes a nice atmosphere which I would say makes one go ahhhh..