Wednesday, 2 July 2008

100% Chocolate VS Care Condom...

Care CondomCare Condoms.

I was thinking of this (care condoms) .'> ...when i first saw these, 100% Chocolate...
100% Chocolate 1100% Chocolate.
Packaging design by Groovisions.

A product by 100% Chocolate Cafe, Japan. They are 56 different type to choose from. No.1-no.23 are chocolates with cocoas from different countries while the rest consists of chocolates from varieties of flavour.

100% Chocolate 2100% Chocolate 3

100% Chocolate cafe 1100% Chocolate cafe 2100% Chocolate cafe 3
100% Chocolate Cafe menu serves from chocolate to chocolate & only chocolates. A chocolate lovers' dream place.

a+. 100% chocolate cafe via

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