Thursday, 3 July 2008

Filico- The Jewelry Water

Filico 1 I pronounce u.... the king & queen of natural spring water...the luxury...Filico!
Because of limited supply of the natural water + limited production of 5,000 bottles every month as well as the fact that Fillico bottles and crowns are all hand made, suggested retail price per set (Fillico water in bottle + Decorative crown) is US$ 150 & Euro 100. PLEASE DO NOT STARE YOUR EYES OUT, YES, I WROTE US$ 150 & Euro 100, IT IS NOT A TYPO ERROR!

Because these gorgeous bottle is fully decorated with stunning Swarovski crystal stars and shiny crown cap + the Natural spring water inside comes from Kobe, Japan, the premium location famous for Japanese wine - SAKE, keep it for special occasion & the perfect moment! .'> Now, go, go, go feast your eyes with the bling!Filico 2 a+. vieluce via

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