Thursday, 17 July 2008

Brunopasso by Tadahito Ishibashi

Brunopasso, side
Damn cute! I never thought coffee machine could be so cute!

Look at it from front, it looks like a cute-friendly robot for me! Created by Japanese designer Tadahito Ishibashi for Device Style, the espresso machine "Brunopasso" is a masterpiece of elegance and sobriety which is reminiscent of the old-line Italian sports cars. Brunopasso works with pods "ESE" (Easy Serving Espresso). - Mr K, Trendsnow.Brunopasso, front
Below are Ishibashi other design that i love.
ELECOM CO. LTD: Compact Passive Speaker 1ELECOM CO. LTD: Compact Passive Speaker 2ELECOM CO. LTD: Compact Passive Speaker.

Self product: Lamp Shade ClockSelf product: 'Lamp Shade Clock'.
Kenwood Corporation: Portable MD Player.Kenwood Corporation: Portable MD Player.
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Anonymous said...

Very smart designer! I love his work.
Best, Clement.