Friday, 18 July 2008

Fresh Egg Daily from McD

Fresh eggs daily 1Fresh eggs daily 2Fresh eggs daily 3Fresh eggs daily 4Fresh eggs daily 5Fresh eggs daily 6“Fresh eggs daily.”
Leo Burnett Chicago created this awesome beyond words Giant Egg billboard for McDonald’s. It was installed last week across from Wrigley field in Chicago. The giant egg billboard starts cracking and opening up in the wee hours of morning. By breakfast time, the egg has already hatched, and you can see “Fresh Eggs Daily” written on the egg’s yolk. The egg stays open from 6:00AM till 10:30AM, to indicate the availability of fresh eggs during that time. Once the breakfast time is finished, the egg billboard shuts and stays closed as a whole egg till the next morning. The mechanical engineering of the billboard was handled by Prop Art Studio, MMT.- i believe in adv.
Outdoor adv. by: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA

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