Sunday, 6 July 2008

House in Iporanga- Simple Stunning Architecture o5

House in Iporanga 1With warm Cumaru wood paneling exterior, House in Iporanga is an architect's residence in the middle of the forest. “I always wanted a house in the middle of the forest, in a place where I could relax and recharge my energy”, says Arthur, from Arthur Casas.

The house is in the form of two large simple, symmetrical cubes embracing an open space. As describes, 'the absence of partitions amplifies the house’s integration with its surroundings and adds grandeur to the minimalist living area. A large terrace borders the house, functioning as a belvedere to observe the surrounding untouched Atlantic Rain Forest, and a partition between natural and constructed. Stepping down, the infinity edged pool seems to pour out into the thick vegetation.'

House in Iporanga 2 An architect hide-out. A place for inspiration.

House in Iporanga 3House in Iporanga 4House in Iporanga 5Open center space with 11m floor to ceiling glass windows that brings nature to the interiors & vice versa.

House in Iporanga 6House in Iporanga 7 The terrace. Stepping down, the infinity edged pool seems to pour out into the thick vegetation.

House in Iporanga 8House in Iporanga 9House in Iporanga 10Sleek, utilitarian and functional the kitchen table extends from the hob like a white diving board into the main living area. It’s mimicked by an outdoor table linked to the BBQ on the shaded side of the deck.

House in Iporanga 11House in Iporanga 12 The living room that hidden from summer sun.

House in Iporanga 13An ultra thin profile catwalk from the left guest bedroom + private living room to the right master bedroom with en suite.

House in Iporanga 14House in Iporanga 15House in Iporanga 16House in Iporanga 17The architect office with views.

House in Iporanga 18 A peek into the bathroom.

House in Iporanga, Ground floor plan

Ground floor layout.

House in Iporanga, First floor planFirst Floor Layout.

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