Saturday, 12 July 2008

Manga Inspired Plastic Raincoat

Plastic Raincoat by Gene HO 1

I don't own a raincoat, I will buy cheap plastic one from 7-eleven before i go travel each time. I don't fancy in having & keeping one BUT I WOULD DEFINITELY LOVE TO KEEP THIS! .'>
Taking his inspiration from anime, manga and girls in kimonos, Gene Ho adds a touch of something unexpected to an everyday plastic raincoat.
“Anime and manga have always been my guiding light to all my illustrations. Bold and fine clean lines with soft colors as finishing. I’ve also always been captivated by the kimono in its many forms. The delicacy and beauty of a girl in kimono comes to mind and a sense of serenity flows with it. And I place the girl in different scenarios I have in mind. I like to see my illustrations fused with my surroundings. From furniture to fabrics and products. I name all my girls because I think they should each have their own character and emotions.”
-Culture Push
Plastic Raincoat by Gene HO 2
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