Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Scarlet- Must Visit Boutique Hotel o5

The Scarlet 2The Scarlet facade 1The Scarlet facade 2Happen 2 visit Singapore? Will u do me a favour? Go to 33 Erskine Road, Singapore (near Chinatown) check out The Scarlet Boutique Hotel for me, will u? .'>

Named The Best Boutique Hotel by both TTG Travel Awards 2oo8 & 2oo8 Singapore Tatler + honoured by Singapore Tourism Awards 2oo8 as Best Accommodation Experience for Best Superior Hotel & The Scarlet's famous restaurant Desire have been awarded Top Restaurant 2oo8 by Wine & Dine Singapore, the vivacious, uninhibited, bold & sensuous Scarlet emerged as a competitor for Hotel 1929 in Singapore famous Chinatown, is a plush boutique retreat that has a teak rooftop bar called Breeze and a lively restaurant, dipped in red, named Desire.
(phew, there u go. I managed to blurt-out why i wanted to check on this place so much + the facade given on the hotel webpage itself doesn't do the honourable place justice, don't u think so?)

The Scarlet lobby 1The Scarlet lobby 2The chick classical lobby that would wait & welcome u.

The Scarlet's Bold, the bar 1The Scarlet's Bold, the bar 2Bold the bar with attitude for trendsetters and fashionistas, BOLD more than lives up to its name! With a brazen mix of jet black, matt gold, cardinal reds, Porto Oro Black marble and grey mirror clad ceilings – BOLD features premium wines and champagnes, potent cocktails and exotic canapes.

The Scarlet's DesireDesire the famous restaurant a seductive tease, this luscious enclave infused with sensual glamour morphs from day to night. Featuring a provocative menu with a creative edge, Desire will tantalize the taste buds and arouse passions.

The Scarlet's BreezeReel in, Grill and Chill out at Breeze, the rooftop alfresco seafood bar & grill perched atop The Scarlet. Featuring scrumptious platters laden with trove of the freshest seafood and succulent meat, Breeze hopes to hit a spot with groups of friends and families who intend to spend the evening together, drinking, eating and bonding in a cosy sanctuary, under the starlit sky and spectacular panoramic view of Chinatown.

The Scarlet's SodaSoda a place for pure indulgence. Let water jets massage those stress knots and whisk worries away at our open-air Jacuzzi set amidst a refreshing burst of flora.

There is a total of 5 inspiring and engaging suites await and seduce. Each custom-designed suite bears a unique and different personality, from design and colour palette through to luxurious furnishings and fittings. Decadence prevails, be it Splendour, Passion, Opulent, Lavish or Swank.
The Scarlet suite- splendour 1The Scarlet suite- splendour 2Splendour

The Scarlet suite- passion 1The Scarlet suite- passion 2Passion

The Scarlet suite- lavish 1The Scarlet suite- lavish 2Lavish

The Scarlet suite- swank 1The Scarlet suite- swank 2Swank

The Scarlet suite- opulent 1The Scarlet suite- opulent 2Opulent

Do check out the rest of the rooms on their website.
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Anonymous said...

Hey that's a very interesting viewpoint of Singapore. Which hotel did you stay at when you were there. Maybe we should meetup sometime when we're both together in singapore. Alternatively you can visit Yellow Pages Singapore to check up on the latest happenings in Singapore. Small country but I simply love it.

Anonymous said...

I agree there are a lot of leisure activities one can take up in singapore. Just count the number of singapore tourist attractions and you will know that Singapore ain't that boring a place.

L said...

hehe...i'm sorry if i mislead u.'> Do i sound like i've been to Singapore lately? The last i went was during my 2nd year of uni, which of course was 6-7 years ago, i think. And during that time because of budget constraint we stayed in jb & cross over everyday just to catch a glimpse of the happening places there. Never the less, i try to update myself as often as i can through magazines, internet etc. but still love to meet u when i do end up there.