Monday, 8 December 2008

Atelier Ruche, A Very Simple Private Salon

Atelier Ruche 1Atelier Ruche 2Peaking into Atelier Ruche through deciduous leaves (wintersweet leaves)...
Atelier Ruche is a very small, private beauty salon that could only accommodate 2 customer at one time in Suginami Ward of Tokyo. Completed on December 2oo2 with a simply subtle touch from Yashima Architect and Associates. I simply adore their work & going to write about them more.

Atelier Ruche 3Atelier Ruche 4Atelier Ruche 5Atelier Ruche 6Atelier Ruche 7Atelier Ruche 8Words from the designer:
"A beauty salon is essentially a room where customer visit to become beautiful, so why should it simply be a place to provide the latest hairstyle?
Just as good furniture and well-tailored clothes are valued for years, there could be a beauty salon that could be trusted for the service it provides. I hope my design embodies this ideal."

Atelier Ruche's Light-fixture 1Atelier Ruche's Light-fixture 2Atelier Ruche's Light-fixture 3Atelier Ruche's Light-fixture 4
a+. yashima architect and associates

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