Friday, 5 December 2008

Caroline Swift's Christmas Gift Idea

hand-blown glass baubles 1 Beautiful hand-blown glass baubles by Caroline Swift.

A designer reborn...Caroline Swift re-connect with the passion that she had previously felt for design after giving up her job on 2oo3 because she felt disillusioned with the obsessive pressures to produce unlimited commercial collections.
She started with designing cakes for the magazines and found out that she was interested in plates. So, she started to make it herself...

'Her own label is her own personal approach to design. slow design, where care is taken and quality paramount. slow design is not about taking ages making things; rather it is a philosophy about taking pleasure and pride in making things and passing that on.'
hand-blown glass baubles 2hand-blown glass baubles 3hand-blown glass baubles 4packaging 1Each unique in form and shape, these hand-blown glass baubles are made by master craftsmen in the hills of northern italy. Strung as a set of 3 on wire, after filling it with water and delicate blooms , u can hang it above your table or place it as a sculptural decoration on the wall.
Packaged with set of 3 + presented in a striking black gift box, tied with a porcelain rose and gift tag, embossed with the message "with love".

Approx dimensions:
40cm (l) x 14cm (w)
available in black amethyst, lime green, mandarin and pale rose.
porcelain hanging flowers 1porcelain hanging flowers 2packaging 2These porcelain hanging flowers are hand-crafted in England, un-glazed and intricate these porcelain blooms are all individual and no two are ever the same. Hang in 3 strands of a fine porcelain band, the un-glazed milky white of the porcelain is delicate and sensitive while the black is dramatic and striking.
For packaging, set of approximately 3o flowers is presented in the gift box of same colour and tied with a porcelain rose + gift tag, embossed with the message "with love".

flower dimensions range from 2.5cm to 7.5cm (w)
three strands (unfolded) approx 145cm (l) x 5cm (w)

bone china plate & tea lights 1packaging 3
These bone china plate & tea lights are as fine and smooth as egg shells. They are paper-thin + transclucent when lit. Came in a set of 3, 2 are embossed with "peace" and another 1 with "love" and when lit the message is delicately illuminated.
For packaging, each is presented in a hand-made felt bag, tied with a porcelain rose and embossed gift tag with the message "with love".
Set of three tea lights 7cm (d) x 7cm (h) & plate 32cm (l) x 14cm (w) x 2cm (d)

bone china bowls 1packaging 4These bone china bowls are as fine and smooth as egg shells + as thin as paper, beautifully translucent yet incredibly strong. Hand-crafted in England, each piece is unashamedly unique in shape and form. pure, un-glazed, milky white.
Presented in 2 sizes or as a set of 3 graded sizes, they come wrapped in a beautiful white gift box, tied with a porcelain rose and gift tag, embossed with the message "with love".

Approx dimensions:
tiny 12cm (d) x 3cm (h),
medio 17.5cm (h) x 5.5cm
set of three: tiny, piccolo, medio

bone china spoon 1
packaging 5
These bone china spoons are perfectly polished, in pure un-glazed white+ sold in sets of 6 and 2 for a perfect gift. Hand-crafted in england, the spoons are presented in hand-made felt bags, tied with a porcelain rose and gift tag that is embossed with the message "with love".

Dimension of one spoon: approx 16cm long

Within the collection, there is an over-riding philosophy:

"All materials are natural,

all products are made with integrity,

often inspired by nature, every piece is unique.

each item is packaged in an exquisite and original way

to pass on the pleasure of slow, understated, timeless luxury.

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