Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Movito, Electric Scooter

Movito 1Movito 2

If u are a scooter lover like me, i'm sure u'll love this! The Movito designed by Tai Chiem, is a fully electric scooter designed for the dense urban landscape for the future and this eco-friendly electric scooter took top honors in NASA Create The Future design contest.

"Its sexy design appeals to hip and trendy young adults, making a striking statements wherever it goes with its sophisticated styling and two-toned colors. This environmentally sounds vehicle utilises an in-wheel motor and rechargable batteries. The architecture of the scooter is completely overhauled allowing for a fresh and innovative design approach. Movito expresses lightness and movement in an elegant form.

Movito features a modular base system that allows for a different 'bodies' to be attached to a common base as well as featuring added convenience such as GPS, touch-screen interface and helmet storage. Movito is classy and sexy, appealing to free-spirited individual."
- Tai Chiem, Coroflot.

Movito 3Movito 4Movito 5a+. tai chiem, coroflot via gizmag via inhabitat
a+. create the future design contest

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