Monday, 23 March 2009

Products from "Laminated Bamboo Lumber Project"

LINLIN, made from bamboo laminated wood with natural oil finish. Design by Yousuke Shimizu. LIN came in W70×D80×H260mm, is one of Laminated Bamboo Lumber Project's Collection under Product Project Party.

'Product Project Party designs furniture and miscellaneous goods based on various project themes. In 2005 and 2006, they presented at 100% Design Tokyo. Six professionals who design varying objects like cars, household appliances, and furniture, gathered together to form this collective. The members are Spring Daisuke, Mihara Teppei, Hiroyuki Kato, Haruki Senda, spring water positive Yu, and Yusuke Tsujita.

Bamboo is attracting attention as a material with high environmental performance and rapid growth.

However, the required efforts and high costs make it a difficult material to handle. So it is necessary to establish original know-hows that are distinct from wood working. "Laminated bamboo lumber project" is a project in which we investigate the many subjects concerning glued laminated bamboo, make use of the properties of the material, devise logical products, and use this resource in a proper way.' -Design Tide.

HOLLOW is another vase by Haruki Senda. With 95mm in width × depth 24mm × height 250mm, HOLLOW is made bamboo laminated wood too.

 10°SERIES10°SERIES is a concept model of bottle opener, tooth-pick case + salt & pepper containers by Hiroyuki Kato.

NUTS by Yousuke Shimizu are set of bowls made from bamboo laminated materials with urethane coating finishes too.

YAMATAMA CENTRE PIECE is a unique form of the design motif of undulating mountains. A superposition of different two-color laminated wood or bamboo processing, 3D shape that off, the pattern appears to have thought, not by the contours. Design by Yusuke Tsujita.

SCROLL by Teppei Mihara is a large food server bowl which is made from bamboo laminated material with urethane coating finish.

HULL is a boat-shaped tray, and is made by twisting the overlapping sliced bamboo butcher block into the natural form. This is by Teppei Mihara too.

MOSAICMOSAIC is a concept model of hanging clock. Design by Yusuke Tsujita.

ROOT by Hiroyuki Kato is a sleek bamboo laminated wood low-table & magazine leaf in whole stretch.

THREE QUATERS is another Laminated Bamboo Wood by Hiroyuki Kato. This cabinet which is ideal for storing books & clothes is still a concept model.

a+. teori via design tide

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