Friday, 24 April 2009

COTOTOI, Tokyo Japan


I love the ambience the most!

Pronounsed 'kototowa', COTOTOI is a Japanese restaurant which stresses on,
'meal is not just about “food”, but it is about whole things including its safeness of ingredient, atmosphere of having meals.' - Dilight.

With this idea of importance of surroundings, Dilight, who came out with the concept of the COTOTOI have made the space filled with plants. They gave the whole place the idea of everything coexist and effect each other. Good food in good environment makes the food taste better and vise versa.

'This Japanese word “Koto-towa” is consisted of “koto - thing” and “towa - is” such as “thing is” in English. Meal in Japanese is “Shoku-ji”, “Shoku” means “food” and “ji” means “thing” same letter as “koto”. Therefore it is “Shoku-ji”; “food-things”.'
- Dilight.
COTOTOI 4COTOTOI 5COTOTOI 6The graphic works by Dilight for COTOTOI menu etc. Do check out the rest of their work, u might love it!

a+. dilight


royal creme said...

Lovely space, yes, like the concept of incorporating the source of the food with the environment, yet I do wish for a more....vibrant choice of plants...this rather bores.

L said...

Hi! Hope the designer take notes on your comment.') Anyway, I actually love those green plants choose because it does create a very subtle environment which eventually help in presenting the food better. You see, I like to think that, in this way the food will be the focal point here, but of course the ambience helps to elevate the matters.

Anonymous said...

Look, I'm sorry but all I'm seeing here is a resturant with some plants in it. Don't most resurants have plants in them? What's new or unique about this idea, apart from the hyping of it?