Monday, 20 April 2009

Leti, A Bookend Lamp by Matteo Ragni

Leti 1Leti 2

Gosh, they look so nerdy cute! Made from painted metal sheet, Leti designed by Matteo Ragni is a simple and eco-sustainable lamp with the shape of a book-holder at the end that allows user to organize objects and desk.
'The lamp conforms to Danese's DNA's eco-sustainable principles and to the use of one material only realized by cutting and bending one sheet.'
- Made in design.

'This project was quite an honour! A homage to Munari and to his travel sculptures, his passion for paper, for objects than can be created with just a few moves and very little material.
A bookend lamp, a hybrid item that forever unites two worlds that often cohabitate: light and reading, lamps and books… one implies the other.'
- Matteo Ragni.

Leti 3Leti 4a+. matteo ragni
a+. danese milano via made in design

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