Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Bösendorfer Grand by Audi Design Studio

Grand Piano by Audi Design Studio 1Grand Piano by Audi Design Studio 2

For a price of approximately 100,000 euros, Audi Design Studio will be including this design icon, the Bösendorfer Grand in its high-quality catalogue of instruments starting from July 16 - the day of its world premiere at Audi's 100th anniversary celebration. As the name indicates, this Grand Piano is a collaboration between Audi Design Studio and piano-maker Bösendorfer.

"We were obliged to study the instrument in depth, and develop an all-embracing concept from the very start. The project was a useful source of experience for our young designers, and will benefit them later when they work on car design." In due course it fell to pianoforte manufacturer Bösendorfer to build the first "Audi Design Studio.

'In consideration of the touching Bösendorfer sound, the acoustical construction within the piano was left untouched and thereby retains everything that a genuine Bösendorfer has promised since 1828. Nonetheless, the colors of the cast-iron frame and the damper felts have been adjusted to match Audi’s brand image, from which results a harmonic and smooth interplay of colors and materials. The music rack is covered with a net material for optimal sound permeability. The main lid, with its two-level prop stick made of metal, retains Audi’s aluminum optics. It opens in conjunction with the bass side rim and thereby permits deep insight into the instrument’s basic construction. The specially designed bench rounds out the modern image.

The exceptional collaboration in this piano of one of the auto makers best known for its technological leadership and a company world-famous for the touching sound of its instruments leads to an exceptional result.Most striking about the new grand piano by Audi design is the closed side rim of the bass. It not only lends the instrument unusual presence and stability, it also allows it to project the bass more strongly into the auditorium.

A perfect play of interlocking covers makes for attractive joints whose flush structures are reminiscent of automobiles.Without the otherwise typical flanges on the sides, the keybed looks as though it were slid in. The hydraulically attenuated fall board is recessed, and the respective hinge integrated into the lid.'

Grand Piano by Audi Design Studio 3
The leading edge of the upper case is broken with a circumferential round bevel; optically, it reduces the case’s height. The main lid, inserted into the case, also appears formally coherent.

Check out the inauguration concert video.
Grand Piano by Audi Design Studio 4Grand Piano by Audi Design Studio 5Grand Piano by Audi Design Studio 6
Grand Piano by Audi Design Studio 7
The pedal lyre that made of solid aluminum is a light metal element.

Grand Piano by Audi Design Studio 8Grand Piano by Audi Design Studio 9
Elegant and practical: the hinge with hydraulic damping, integrated into the fall board.

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