Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Floating Cruise Terminal by Waterstudio.NL & Dutch Docklands

Floating Cruise Terminal 1

Designed by Architect Koen Olthuis, co-founder of The Netherlands-based Waterstudio, which is a part of a consortium with Royal Haskoning and led by Dutch Docklands, this Floating Cruise Terminal is large enough to allow simultaneous mooring of three of world’s largest cruise ships. The lifted point of the triangular shape forms the entrance to the inner harbour for smaller ships and water-taxis to mainland. Inside the terminal there is 165.000m2 of space for retail, conference, cinema, hotel etc. The terminal is expected to be realized in year 2o14.
Floating Cruise Terminal 2
Check out the floating cruise terminal movie.

Floating Cruise Terminal 3Floating Cruise Terminal 4Floating Cruise Terminal 5

About the designer:
Waterstudio.NL is the only architectural firm focussing fully on designing in, on, and at the water. The firm's clients are very diverse. Waterstudio considers it only natural that the architecture is as diverse as well, because design is the result of innovation, and thus produces new architecture continuously.

Waterstudio starts with the demands and wishes of the client, but always adds something that characterizes the bureau: clear, recognizable designs that can be sketched in a single pen-stroke, but are worked out with a sensibility in materializing and great attention to detail. This results in modern architecture that fits the client, and is appreciated by the broad public. Waterstudio's modern water-architecture has been noticed and praised by the press internationally.

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