Monday, 19 October 2009

'Gordon Ramsay, At Your Service' by Cuppa Coffee

'Gordon Ramsay, At Your Service' by Cuppa Coffee

Photo copyright Cuppa Coffee Studios.

Look! The celeb chef Gordon Ramsay is going animated! Meemalee thought he is already a fairly complete caricature of a human being and turning him into an animation figure indicates 'the world is officially going to hell in a hand-basket'. Ha! After the RUDE COMMENT by ANONYMOUS and my angry replied on my recent post, Nordpark Cable Railway by ZHA, I somehow find this very amusing and Meemalee's statement very funny, I had a good laugh! Thanks you, Meemalee!

“Gordon Ramsay, at Your Service” is described as a half-hour laffer that will take “the essence of who he is and have a bit of fun with it,” according to Adam Shaheen, prexy of Cuppa Coffee, the Toronto-based animation house which is also the animation house behind Nick at Nite’s primetime toon series “Glenn Martin, DDS” and MTV’s “Celebrity Deathmatch,” etc.

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