Sunday, 18 October 2009

War Bowl by Dominic Wilcox

War Bowl 1War Bowl 2

The blue Battle of Waterloo, Half British Artillery, half French Infantry War Bowl.

Something that remind me of my childhood years- the toy soldiers...but melted to form a bowl. Designed by Dominic Wilcox for Thorsten van Elten, the War Bowl which came in 4.75 x 17.5 inches is made from plastic of melted toy soldiers, each bowl is made of figures from two opposing armies.
Price: $400.00 each.

War Bowl 3
The white 'English Civil War' War Bowl.

War Bowl 4
Designer's words:
'The inspiration for the War Bowl came from a combination of ideas.

I wanted to create a new material that would work on more levels than the usual qualities such as texture and functionality. My aim was to make a material that had a voice of it's own, not just a passive lifeless thing. I started with the idea of combining small objects in order to create something larger. I arrived at the idea of using toy soldiers as my ingredients. As found objects, they seemed to represent something of a paradox. On one hand they were a fun childhood toy that brought back happy memories and on the other, they were a representation of war with it's associated horrors. This is a contrast that I find slightly uneasy.'

a+. dominic wilcox
a+. thorsten van elten via areaware


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