Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Paper Tiger Products- Recycled & Recyable Furniture for Your Home

Paper Tiger Products- Toddlers Feeding Chair 1Paper Tiger Products- Toddlers Feeding Chair 2Paper Tiger Products- Toddlers Feeding Chair 3

Paper Tiger Products- Toddlers Feeding Chair.

Eco-friendly Paper Tiger Products by Australian designer Anthony Dan are flat packs, temporary structures made from recycled and recyclable material. Easily transport because it snap together easily and quickly. 'Taking advantage of the deceptive strength of triangular folding, the designs are engineered to withstand all the rigors of heavy use.'

Paper Tiger choose cardboard and folded translucent plastics as the main material because cardboards work well as a blank canvas for graphics and branding, while translucent plastics in luminous crystalline forms suitable as a impermanent recyclable light fixture.

'Operating as both a design consultancy and a design brand, Paper Tiger works with clients interested in temporary structures and ephemeral experiences, as well as with the design of furniture and lighting for retail, events and exhibitions. The designs have been published both nationally and internationally, and won the 2007 Launch Pad award for Sustainability.
Paper Tiger Products are proudly made in Australia, and the stools are certified by Ecospecifier.'
- Paper Tiger Products.
Paper Tiger Products- Table & Stools
Paper Tiger Products- Table & Stools.

Paper Tiger Products- Stools 1Paper Tiger Products- Stools 2Paper Tiger Products- Stools 3
Paper Tiger Products- Stools.

Paper Tiger Products- Lamp
Paper Tiger Products- Lamp.

Paper Tiger Products- Ceiling
Paper Tiger Products- Ceiling.

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