Sunday, 13 December 2009

Trodestol/ Troll Chair from Lund & Paarmann

Troll Chair 1Troll Chair 2

I was searching for designer information on Lobster & Shelley Chair (which i will feature after this post) and I found this on the designer Lund & Paarmann website...Troll Chair/ Trodestol. Troll chair by Oluf Lund & his partner Eva Paarmann looks so cute & fluffy just like a sheep. I bet it is comfortable too! The chair was recently exhibit at the Danish Design Date exhibition, in common Nordic embassies in Berlin. At the Height of 68 cm, 80 cm in width & 85 cm deep, U can find it from Lop-furniture. For further information do go to both designer & manufacturer sites.

Troll Chair 3I got this from Lund & Paarmann site. Counting sheep to sleep tonight & dreaming to get one for christmas.....

a+. lund & paarmann
a+. lop-furniture via danish design date

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