Sunday, 21 March 2010

Kopi Luwak Packaging by Colin Dunn

Kopi Luwak 1Kopi Luwak 2

I love this lovely down-to-earth packaging by Colin Dunn for the world most expensive coffee, Kopi Luwak which can cost as much as $600 per pound. The burlap coffee bag, carryout box and sugar packets were handmade for Colin's imaginary very posh cafe named KOPI. While doing research for his final project in Graphic Design I, Colin Dunn discovered Kopi Luwak. He then came out with this packaging and concepts:

'KOPI operates as a “pop-up” café, moving from city to city and distributing from unadvertised locations. In keeping with the secrecy of the brand, the logo doesn’t appear anywhere on the packaging. However other brand elements such as color, typeface and the holding shape of the logo are utilized. When these elements are introduced into public they would indicate to the informed consumer that KOPI is nearby, if only temporarily.'
Kopi Luwak 3Kopi Luwak 4Kopi Luwak 6
Kopi Luwak 6
KOPI, an imaginary very posh “pop-up” café by Colin Dunn.

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