Thursday, 25 March 2010

Wiggle Side Chair by Frank Gehry

1972, using corrugated cardboard and edges made of hardboard as main material, as he is well known for his use of materials, Frank Gehry designs the Wiggle Side Chair which come in dimension 870×350×610 mm.
'With his "Easy Edges" furniture he succeeded in giving a new aesthetic dimension to such an everyday material as cardboard. Despite their appearing bafflingly simple, the "Easy Edges” are nonetheless constructed with an architect's care and are extremely robust and sturdy. Having given them a makeover from the world of colour, Gehry has given the "Easy Edges" a new dimension - colourfulness.'
- Vitra.
Do check on the Wiggle Stool too!

Wiggle Side Chair.

Wiggle Stool.

'With the furniture series Easy Edges, Frank Gehry gave a new and surprising aesthetic dimension to cardboard, an everyday material. Although they look amazingly simple, the pieces in Easy Edges pieces owe their robustness and structural stability to the architectural quality of the designs. The Wiggle Stool is vaguely reminiscent of traditional African stools and — like such predecessors — makes an attractive accent in any interior.'
- Vitra.
Dimension: 406 × 430 × 400 mm

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