Friday, 9 April 2010

Rainbow Stairway

Stairway in Wuppertal, Germany
Photo by FrizzText.

I love what they've done to this staircase. Just imagine u are walking up rainbow, each step would be such a delightful journey! Found these lovely images through The Townhouse, they have all these photos on stairway while searching for idea for their own stairacase. These stairways are the work of art by Horst Glasker, an artist professor in Germany.

Feedback from a reader: now I know these staircases are called 'Holsteiner Treppe'. Thanks!

a+.  horst glasker
a+.  frizztext   via   the townhouse


Josh Urso Design said...

This makes us so happy! Wouldn't it be lovely to walk up this staircase each day to work. Some of the words that caught our eye: dance, sorrow, passion, exuberance, cry. How interesting.

Alexander James said...

we had a big shoot at this location last month - you can see the entire shoot at the Studio website
with background info on the shoot on the BLOG..

and the entire collection can be found at our stock & canvas print website

L said...

hi! thank you for providing links to those lovely photographs of your! I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Cool! It's great to see here the stairs of my hometown Wuppertal, Germany, where I live. BTW these stairs are called "Holsteiner Treppe"

L said...

Thank you for the great feedback. Now I know they are called 'Holsteiner Treppe'.