Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Willowlamps...

I just love their work...the Willowlamp series by Sian Eliot and Adam Hoets which come with this mystical aura that I can't resist. These would definitely add elegance to your place!

Faraway Trees Chandeliers.

A graphic 'tree' inspired chandelier design. The ballchain curtains follow the contour of the trees canopy. The weight of the chain causes the branches to droop gently as if mimicking heavy foliage. The idea was inspired from two dimensional tree shapes found on architectural drawings.The lamp uses a uplighter to illuminate the trees canopy without the light source being visible.

Fuschia chandelier with a magenta heart and trailing.

Fuschia chandelier in brass.

Large chandelier inspired by the Fuschia flower form - an inverted red & magenta star with a spray of G4 low voltage lamps spiralling down from the main body of the flower, like stamens.

Rose 'LED' chandelier.

A highly energy efficient disk shaped chandelier with an extruded rose form. It uses 36 replaceable LED lighting chips and uses 17W in total. The chips are concealed via magnetic plates.

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Josh Urso Design said...

Hot Hot Hot! Would love to get more of a sense of their illuminative properties. Looks like they could make some interesting diffusion patterns.