Monday, 16 June 2008

Barok'n'roll Wallpaper

Barok'n'roll Wallpaper Hehe....cute! It looks like any embellishment wallpaper but wait a minute, (thanks to notcot .'> for pausing me) there's something jumping out here n there from the repeating rings' pattern...
it's a submarine, something skull n octopus like, a naughty boy dangling from the embellish pattern, a man on a horse, radar transmitting something, a vase or perhaps an owl?, a whale, planets in the universe, a rain deer crossing rainbows, a man showing of his strength while something cute laughing at him while a seahorse with his nose stuck, 2 skulls or a face? etc. Maybe, u can discover more through Emil Kozak's site.'> Have fun!
a+. Emil Kozak's Barok'n'roll Wallpaper for WallCollection

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