Saturday, 21 June 2008

Inspired by nature- Amuneal Manufacturing Corp's ICFF booth installation

booth 1OMG! This is beautiful! An ICFF's installation booth by Amuneal Manufacturing Corp's.
“Inspired from a scene from nature, our in-house graphic designer created a striking motif for the walls of the installation. We then “wrapped” it around a digital 3D model, which generated the laser cutting files required to connect over 3,000 square feet of aluminum. Once fabricated, each lightweight panel received a hand-patinaed finish to contrast the exacting accuracy of the cut pattern. The custom made teak architectural elements, including 14’ tall x 7’ wide entry portals and windows that featured over 30 scale models of recently completed projects, established the strength of the structure.” - Amuneal Manufacturing Corp’s
card-holderTake a look at their business card holders where the birds popped out and bent as you pleased. I might pick-up the card + holder as well.'>
booth 2The equally lovely interior of the booth.
a+. via notcot

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