Monday, 16 June 2008

"Nature" Lights from Studio Tord Boontje

Studio Tord Boontje, founded in 1996 by Tord Boontje himself. He believes that modernism does not mean minimalism, contemporary does not forsake tradition & technology does not abandon people & senses. Recently named designer of the year by the Design Museum and Elle Decoration UK, he borrows inspiration from nature & created designs that temper edges with softness by applying decor of form & layers to bring out observers' imagination & emotions. Light works from Studio Tord Boontje:
Garland Table LampGarland Table Lamp. Come with silver plated steel or brass finish. U can decorate to your own specifications with the Garland which comes flat-packed with assembly directions and lamp operates on a touch sensitive switch.
2nd Shadow2nd Shadow. Turns your room into a fairytales settings with fancifully painted natural images on a Mylar interior that projected through stretched gauze filters, filling your room with intricate patterns.

Shadow LightShadow Light. Made from acetate sheet, coloured photographic gel, this pendant halogen light projects different multi colored images on the surrounding walls.

Garland LightGarland Light. Laser cut on stainless steel & brass. Award winning design for best light as well as the Metropolitan Home readers' choice award for Futuristic classics. Also available in 1000 units of limited edition 24K gold plated. Each comes in an elegant dark walnut display box signed by designer Tord Boontje.

Midsummer LightMidsummer Light. They are laser cut Tyvek paper, polypropylene coned diffuser.
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