Friday, 8 May 2009

Fungus Chair- MAD Studio

Fungus Chair 1

Fungus Chair 2By MAD Studio, the Fungus Chair made from Fibreglass is an urban furniture for Zhangjiang Art Festival, 2007.

The Fungus Chair is an organic architectural object. It is neither public furniture nor sculpture, but occupies a place between. The chair represents a basic organic form that can be repeated endlessly, creating infinite combinations. Together, these chairs will scatter across urban public space like mushrooms made of modern materials.

The Fungus Chair plays the same role in the urban environment as its natural counterpart in an eco-system. The emphasis is not necessarily on the most efficient use of space: rather, within a context of functional and efficient city centres, built around one goal (commerce),
the fungus provides a welcome element of poetry, individuality and spontaneity. The fungus takes a supporting role: furthering the healthy development of the social culture.

The Fungus Chair was originally created as part of the Living Zhangjigang 2007 project, a large scale public art project organized throughout Zhangjigang Hi-tech Park, in the Pudong District of Shanghai, China.

Fungus Chair 3Fungus Chair 4Fungus Chair 5
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Sol said...

Is it comfortable enough to sit on, and thus ensure interaction between man and art/object?