Monday, 4 May 2009

Gallery Monma ANNEX by Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier

Gallery  Monma ANNEX 1

On 8 June 2oo2, ANNEX Monma Gallery opened in Sapporo, a place with rich natural environment. Designed by Shinichiro Akasaka from Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier the art gallery is open between May to October because of the weather in Hokkaido.

Gallery  Monma ANNEX 2Gallery  Monma ANNEX 3Gallery  Monma ANNEX 4
The very white and very tight rectangular hallway for exhibition that leads to an outside terrace in a naturally green environment which is so suitable for an open-air cafe.

'This gallery is different from our work of art as well as the people affected are aware of the visit here of the works on display, as well as the gallery, or left natural, some influence from the surrounding environment response was designed to trigger a rethink things.
This space is a cylinder with no air conditioning as a direct response to the environment.
Time and seasonal visitors will have to design their own action to the weather.
Here we are having the usual fall in the space environment, rather than the environment (work) to meet the people (affected), is the space.
Width 1.6m, height 2.14m, Depth 15m. In this tight space, or how to get what the artists exhibited their works or of the birth of a new or adapted in this space, we hope to present a space beyond the intended use of the designer.'
- Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier, Gallery Monma ANNEX.
Gallery  Monma ANNEX 5Gallery  Monma ANNEX 6Gallery  Monma ANNEX 7The cantilever outside terrace.

a+. gallery monma ANNEX
a+. akasaka shinichiro atelier via world-architects

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royal creme said...

I do like the entrance, that feeling of walking into a box and then being surprised by what opens up before you.