Friday, 8 May 2009

Katsuyuki Fujimoto's Oy house

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Designed by Katsuyuki Fujimoto Architect & Associates, Oy House in Kyoto, Japan has this courtyard in the interior with an open street view allowing nature and its present to paint the house, as though it's a blank piece of canvas.

The day-light that penetrates freely throughout this silent house magically transform the subtle elements of the house into lively materials and colors with a stark modern poetry of Japanese spirituality. The artificial lighting during night time helps in creating an ambience that calm the minds of those who reside in it.

The present of contemporary minimalist design together with the timeless japanese architectural elements gave Oy House a different subtle identity...
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Anonymous said...

Do the Japanese ever own furniture or just sit on the floor in these cold stark concrete boxes? I love a good minimalist house as much as the next person but this is taking it to the extreme. No warmth, no personality, no connection to humans who, it seems, are living here.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, it is vacant for the shoot. Those stairs are very nice till some kid fall off then the architect might consider putting rails in.