Thursday, 24 September 2009

ÁHÖLD by Soley Thorisdottir


Soley Thorisdottir Final project for the Icelandic Academy of Arts is all about finding new ways of using existing manufacturing processes to create something new that is true to its origin but at the same time a brand new product.

Made in cooperation with Erna silver workshop (est. 1924) the ÁHÖLD kitchen utensils are made of anodized aluminum and by using existing production steel punches. The pattern is carefully applied onto the aluminum plates and appears randomly in the pre chosen outline.

User have to figure out himself what he wants to use his appliance for because of their unusual look. U can get at these unusual kitchen utensils at and the National Culture House in Reykjavík Iceland.

a+. soley thorisdottir
a+. birkiland

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