Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Stake Chair by Ton Guglya

Stake Chair 1

By Russian designer Ton Guglya, the Stake-chair and stake-stool are made from wood and glass for those who like to be 'on the edge'. The Stake-chair is based on the medieval torture device called the “Judas Cradle (do check out the historical authenticity of the torture stake online). Practically it is very comfortable to seat on a glass cube (with round corners and a deepening in the top)while the woody structure is actually wooden.
Stake Chair 2Stake Chair 3a+. ton guglya

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Anonymous said...

This chair is the ancestor of being "ridden out of town on a rail." The rail was a split rail made from a tree split lengthwise. The "tortured" was seated on the pointed edge of a rail forcefully and escorted from a town that apparently had been peeved by the rider's actions.