Thursday, 24 September 2009

Flower in A Stream by Alexei Pozharov

Flower in A Stream 1Flower in A Stream 2

Designed by Alexei Pozharov, the Flower in A Stream bracelet is made by applying an ancient Japanese technique called 'Moku IU Ghana', which more or less means "metal wood". The bracelet used "laminates" with the following metals: silver 925, palladium, gold, red 585 samples, 750 samples of yellow gold. In details, the bracelet consists of yellow gold 585 samples, 585 samples of green, gold, palladium, silver, cloth. Color and texture of the fabric used, could change and determine the mood and look of the user itself.
Flower in A Stream 3Flower in A Stream 4

A model with Flower in A Stream
Model with Flower in A Stream.

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