Monday, 22 March 2010

Tea = time + Sugar = time by Erez Bar-am

Tea = time 4

Tea = time + Sugar = time.

A recent graduate from the Shenkar College of Engineering & Design, Israeli designer Erez Bar-am designed this marvelous Tea = time + Sugar = time to helping us slow down in living this fast lane of life, help us relax and enjoy our tea slowly...

What capture me the most is Sugar = time...
the sugar bubbles which has been designed to float and disintegrate slowly for 10 seconds, creating little bubbles on the surface of your tea during the process itself.

Tea = time is a cup made of porcelain with a broad opening accompany with a coaster made from stainless steel. Together, Tea = time + Sugar = time will give you the leisure to enjoy tea time you deserve...
Tea = time 1Tea = time 2
Sugar time
Sugar = time.

Tea = time 3Tea = time 5
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Anonymous said...

<3 Looks so unique and fun :)

Josh Urso Design said...

We are big fans of tea. It should be about taking a moment to enjoy the ceremony of it: picking out just the right leaves at the tea shop, scooping them into the diffuser, boiling the water, steeping for the appropriate time. We are all for adding another step, adding to the anticipation of that perfect cup.